Carnival Creations!

This May half term holiday some fabulous carnival headdresses have been created at Harrow Arts Centre. Our project assistant Rachel asked some of the mask makers what they’ve been up to!

Parrot mask small

Which animal have you based your mask on?
Lorianne: I have made a tiger
Leeya: I have made a snow leopard
Tiana: I have made a parrot. SQWAWK!

What was the first step?
Leeya: We drew a design of them and then we drew over a template for the base of it. The templates were the same but we had to change them so they’d fit everyone’s heads.

What did you do next?
Tiana: We covered our masks in fabric and started to cut little bits out of other fabrics and stuck them on the main fabric on the mask. For mine I chose the colours blue, green and red for the feathers and I had purple for its head.
Leeya: I covered mine in white fabric and put spots on it. Lorianne: I covered mine in orange fabric and then cut out lines of black fabric and stuck them on the orange fabric.

How did you make it look like your animal?
Lorianne: It depended on what our animal was. I put on ears and whiskers and a tail, Tiana put on feathers and a beak and Leeya put on whiskers, a nose ears and a tail. I showed Leeya how to make a tail.

How did you make it suitable for a carnival?
Leeya: We put big feathers on it and we made them bright and colourful and shiny since we put glitter on it.

What was your favourite part and what did you learn?
Leeya: My favourite part was putting the glitter on, I learned how to make felt and a mask.
Tiana: My favourite part was the felt making because you can get messy and squidge it everywhere.
Lorianne: My favourite part was drawing the design and I learned how to make felt.

Sticking small

Describe you mask with one word.
Leeya: Fluffy.
Tiana: Colourful.
Lorianne: Furry.

Overall, what did you think of the project?
Tiana: I had a very nice time, if people saw us with our masks on in the street they would think we bought them in a shop and they would like to buy them.
Lorianne: It was very fun and funny and I made some new friends.
Leeya: It was good!

At the end of the week we used our masks to create a photostory all about the animal characters. Now we're just looking for a carnival to wear them at! Look out for us at festivals in Harrow over the summer holidays. 


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