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On the 7th of April 18 people gathered to make an animation about a boy called Eric. We were told we were going to do stop motion to make it. On Monday we introduced each other and did some designs on paper. We watched some examples of animation. We heard the story of Eric, decided which bit each group would animate, and then designed the backgrounds and decided characters.

On Tuesday we made our backgrounds and characters.The ones that were talking or moving we put split pins in to make it look real. We also put in coloured tissue paper to the silhouettes.

On Wednesday we finished our backgrounds and recorded the sound. We added in some lines to the script and divided them up. We spoke through a microphone and it recorded on the computer.

On Thursday we took thousands of pictures of the animation. We got a cardboard box and cut a hole in it and put the scene on top with a light underneath. We used an iPad to take pictures, two at a time. We needed twelve pictures per second.

On Friday, the last day, our parents came to look at our animation. You can see the finished film here.

My favourite bit was watching different animations. My favourite one was made out of jelly beans. It was fun putting the split pins in because it made them look alive - Tamara

My favourite part was watching different animations. My favourite one was the jelly beans - Tiana

I like making the scenes and designing the characters - Shanti

I liked doing the animation, taking the pictures - Felix

My favourite part was making the scene and the characters - Pablo

I enjoyed making the pieces and then taking the pictures and playing them - Ben

Thank you very much to everyone for taking part and for making such a wonderful film!


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