Habib is a dancer and a project worker for a charity working with young people.

I was just browsing though the internet and I wanted to get involved in an arts project. I came across the HAC website and I was interested in the Ambassadors group. I wanted to get out of my house and do something and luckily that was the first thing I came across. I’ve helped with leafleting around my area and advising HAC on ideas.

Then through being involved in the Ambassadors I helped with a drama project at Rayners Lane and from that I went on to some dance projects. I was involved in organising the first 100% Dance event in 2012. Since then I’ve been involved in lots of other workshops and activities, in the 100% events and in running a dance project with young people at Mustaqbal. I hosted 100% Dance.

Honesty, I have loved all the 100% events I have been part of, I have always enjoyed them and loved them. They are definitely my favourite events. The other producers are a good bunch of people so they make you want you to carry on. They are a good group of young people.

I have learnt a lot about team work and youth work. HAC brings me to the front and lets me do things. I realised I could run sessions, I could be a leader. That’s something I really didn’t have before. Even though I am a good dancer, I’ve not really done a lot of running session so it’s been a good way for me to learn whilst doing what I love. Teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to people but by being involved with the arts centre I have improved a great deal. Before I would get nervous but now I can just get on with it and just get it done. It’s the whole community work thing. HAC has been the platform to do it. It’s made me enjoy working in the community more. I’m doing what I like, dance and art, but I’m doing it in the community.

I've been lucky and grateful to have been involved with the events at the arts centre and thanks to HAC I have learnt and done a great deal. I hope to carry on working with the arts centre to do what I enjoy the most, working within the community.


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