Belmont Trail

belmontbeforeIn Autumn 2011, Harrow Council's Transport Planning Team commissioned HAC to help improve a subway on the Belmont Trail, a pathway that leads up from the River Thames right the way through

Harrow. The subway is just off Belmont Circle, next to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School. The aim was to improve the subway by creating a mural with pupils at the school, encouraging families to use the pathway to walk to school rather than drive.


belmontcollage1Artist Alistair Lambert worked with us to design and run the project. We worked with 120 children in Years 3 and 5 to design the mural through collage during the spring term 2012. Local expert Simon Braidman visited the classes to give us inspiration; he showed us the trails and tracks of animals using the pathway and some of the insects you might find there. Mathilde Kaplan visited us to show us how the trail is used by walkers and cyclists today. The children used the information the experts gave us to create special designs, which Alistair then combined to create a design we could apply to the subway.

belmontbeePainting it took a lot of work! St Joseph's pupils started the painting off, but then during the Easter holidays in 2012 Alistair worked with a team of local volunteers including students from Stanmore College to complete the painting.

We celebrated its official opening with the children, teachers, artists and council staff. The pupils at St Joseph's also created a special guide to the trail, which explains where some of our ideas came from; here's page one and page two!

Along with the landscaping work the Transport Planning Team have done, the mural has made a huge difference to the subway. Its a much friendlier place to walk now and is much brighter; many passersby told us what a difference it had made to the path they use everyday!

It is beautiful!


I used to avoid walking down here; it was too dark and scary! It's much nicer to see it being used more. I feel safer seeing people down here using it.

I'd love to do something like this! 




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