Raku Workshop

Sunday 15 July 2018 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Harrow Arts Centre

With Glen (Potter & Ceramic Artist)

The word “Raku” which loosely translates as “Contentment, Enjoyment, Pleasure” is derived from a 16th Century traditional Japanese technique of firing clay. It was originally used to make ware for the Zen Buddhist Tea Ceremony and the work was taken out from the kiln when red-hot then immersed into various organic materials. This method of firing has however been adapted in the West where the emphasis is now placed more on experimentation and creativity. The technique is quite specialised as the firing process takes just over one hour and produces fast, unpredictable and exiting results.

What you will need:
• Work already made and bisque fired (with Raku or Crank clay) before the event and you can bring either 5 medium to small or 3/4 large pieces but do have some extra work just in case.
• An apron or rough clothing with a comfortable footwear (preferable trainers) as it is a smoky & messy fun event!

Cost: £90

The cost will include all materials and necessary equipment which will be provided, as well as refreshments throughout the day, there will be also be the customary £5 per kg charge for all fired items.

Contact Glen and do book in advance as places are limited!
Tel: 07926 34 7926
Email: theharrowpotter@btinternet.com