Fireside Tales with Grandad

Mon 22 Oct 2018 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Elliott Hall

Cuddle up around the campfire as Granddad recalls a daring escape from a hungry shark! Tuck into a marshmallow or two as he attempts to make a new set of underpants for a giant and watch as the shadows between the trees unravel a tale of greedy goblins, grumpy trolls, sneaky princes and a very unusual princess.

Exquisite puppets, captivating storytelling and beautiful shadow puppetry combine to create an enchanting show guaranteed to spark the imagination of everyone from ages 4-104.

‘Fantastic interaction with the audience, quizzing the children with brilliant conversation throughout. Another sold-out performance by Pickled Image, all audience left with a smile asking when Granddad would be back.’  – The Pound in Corsham.

‘Fireside Tales with Grandad was charming and engaged our audience young and old throughout with its well placed storytelling.’- Louise Dancey, Salisbury Playhouse


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