100% Producers

100% is a unique programme for young people aged 14-25 to gain professional producing, event management and performing skills. Many of our past members are now working in the music industry or performing professionally!


Get involved as a producer

Our 100% producers are a group who design and manage arts events throughout the year, meeting at Harrow Arts Centre every Thursday evening from 5.30pm – 7.00pm. 100% set their own goals and targets to create performance opportunities for other young people, supporting local emerging artists. Events can be part of regular series’ or one-off gigs and open mics. They have programmed stages for festivals, events in shopping centres, workshops, exhibitions and more.

I became involved in 100% in February 2012 after attending a regular 100% gig in the studio in HAC. Until then I hadn’t realised much happened in there so for me, I wanted to become involved to fine out more about organising music events as I absolutely love live music and gigs. Personally however, I am interested in design, which is one of the subjects I have taken now in my first year in St Dominics, so for me, 100% is useful as I also have the chance to work on my Silver Arts Award which I completely enjoy as it never feels like hard work and gives me the opportunity to meet new people and talk to professionals! – 100% Producer


100% are working towards Arts Award Bronze this season, there are also opportunities to work towards Silver and Gold. See our Arts Award page for more information.

Want to perform?

If you’re aged between 14 and 25 and you want an opportunity to perform, get in touch! It is open to everyone and is free. We just ask you to send us a demo or a link to your work online or take part in an open mic so we can get to know your style. Our 100% Producers put the line up together and will get right back to you with the next opportunity to perform. You can also apply for 100% through our Bandwagon profile or by contacting us on the details below.

It’s really great, its great, I performed at another 100% previously, it’s great fun, its always a nice crowd to play to! I’d definitely play here again. Its good that is it actually organised by the youth of Harrow. Its get people who want to find good music, it gives them somewhere to go, they don’t have to travel far. – Performer

100% is really good fun, I’d definitely play again. It’s a really nice crowd a good venue and everyone’s really friendly! Awesome. – Performer

I like the gigs because I’m someone who enjoys music so going to see small bands and artists for a small price is the way I like spend my time! – 100% Producer

We are recruiting!

If you want to learn about event management and to have the opportunity to design and manage your own gigs, this group is for you. It’s easy to join; there’s a simple application form, and then we’ll invite you to our next meeting so you can find out more.

How to join us

To apply as a 100% Producer or to sign up to be an 100% Performer please fill in our online registration form and we will be in touch!

Find out more

For more information on joining 100% producers or taking part as a performer, contact our Participation Programmer at participation@harrowarts.com 

Parents and Carers, please contact us for further information, safeguarding and risk assessments.

See photos from our previous events here: www.facebook.com/hacguestlist 

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