Your Feedback

At Harrow Arts Centre we work hard to make your visit as enjoyable as we can, whether you’re coming for dinner and a show, to an art class or just to visit the play area outside. We really appreciate receiving your comments on our work, and use these to help us improve.

We collect feedback from speaking to people using the arts centre, collecting audience feedback forms after performances and events, collecting evaluation details from participants in our workshops and courses, from emails and from comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Comments from visitors have made enormous changes at HAC, from our plans for signage to the way we lay out our brochure, the workshops and activities we offer for children to the way we advertise our events.

Using this page, we plan to keep you updated with the changes and improvements we are making as a result of the most common feedback you have given. Some ideas are easily implemented, but occasionally, more complicated problems may take us some time to resolve but we hope to keep you updated here with how we are getting on!

Your feedback is very important to us!

If you have any comments you would like to pass on to us, please feel free to contact us on 020 3773 7161 or email

If you have recently been to an event at Harrow Arts Centre please take a few moments to complete an online post show survey.



You should advertise better in the rooms at HAC, as not everyone who visits goes through the main doors.
We now update the posters in every classroom each week when we update the other posters around the building.

It’s hard to find your way around.
We’ve introduced some new signage which we think has improved this. However it is very difficult to signpost a site like ours that is so spread out!

Some of the building needs updating.
Much of HAC was built over 100 years ago and some parts of the building in particular do need attention. We have been supported by the Community Payback Team, who have helped us with many maintenance tasks including repainting the Elliott Hall corridors. Alongside this, we are currently working on a plan for the future of the building which includes updating some parts of our site.

The Studio Theatre is not soundproof and can be too hot or cold.
We do our best to regulate the temperature in the Studio, but this can be difficult because of the age and design of the building. Our proposal for the future of the Studio includes better insulation and soundproofing, as part of the plan mentioned above.

Box Office should be open on evenings and weekends.
Previously we have only been able to open later when a performance is on, because of the number of staff we have available to cover the Box Office. There is activity on site every day from 9am and we are open every day of the year that is not a bank holiday! This does mean that unfortunately we are unable to open Box Office all the time that HAC is open. However tickets can be purchased on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please can we have reserved seating?
We are now able to offer reserved seating for Elliott Hall events in theatre layout. Unfortunately our box office ticketing system cannot allocate seating in other layouts.

It would be better if we could take hot drinks into the theatre.
We have changed our policy in light of this and hot drinks can now be taken in to the theatre from our cafe, provided they have a lid.