Elliott Hall Event Hire FAQ's

Welcome to our Elliott Hall Event Hire FAQ's. Compiled to ensure clarity and ease for your event planning, this guide addresses essential aspects from booking to technical support. It's designed to answer any questions you might have about utilising our venue to its fullest, making your event both successful and memorable.

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How do I secure a date for hosting an event in Elliott Hall?

To begin the process of securing a date for your event in Elliott Hall, you can obtain a performance enquiry form from the Harrow Arts Centre Box Office by emailing box.office@harrowarts.com. We encourage you to provide as detailed information as possible about your proposed event on this form. Submission of the form initiates the booking process but does not confirm your booking. All submissions are reviewed for approval by department leads at Harrow Arts Centre to ensure we can meet your event requirements.

What are the capacities for Elliott Hall?

Elliott Hall is designed to accommodate a variety of event sizes and types, offering flexible capacity options based on your chosen layout. With a full stage setup, the hall welcomes up to 499 attendees, ideal for grand performance. Should your event require more space, a reduced stage layout increases capacity to 568 and is available upon request. For those planning more intimate, banquet-style events, Elliott Hall can comfortably host up to 200 seated guests, providing a sophisticated setting for dinners and receptions. When completing your performance enquiry form, be sure to detail your preferred stage or layout configuration, including any request for a banquet layout, to ensure we can tailor the space to perfectly match the requirements of your event. Please note that standing only events are not permitted in Elliott Hall.

How much does it cost to hire Elliott Hall for an event?

The rates for hiring Elliott Hall range from £146.00 to £254.00 per hour for performances and functions, with a minimum booking of 4 hours. These rates include venue hire, ticketing service, one technician, one duty manager, and stewards (excluding dry hire). You can download the full list of charges here.

What are the booking and payment terms?

A £250 part payment deposit is required to confirm your booking. The remainder of your payment is due the week of your event. Additional charges apply for specific services and facilities, such as technical equipment and kitchen use. Events will only go on sale after the deposit has been received.

Do I have to use Harrow Arts Centre’s ticketing service for my event?

Yes, using our ticketing service is mandatory for all ticketed events held in Elliott Hall. This service includes ticket printing and sales through our Box Office and online platform. Our Box Office handles ticket sales in person and over the telephone from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm (excluding public holidays), and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Box Office will also be open on the day of your event from 1 hour prior to the performance start time to facilitate last-minute sales and attendee enquiries. A 1.4% ticketing commission fee is deducted from your final sale settlement. You are not permitted to sell tickets for your Elliott Hall event on any other ticketing platforms.

Is it compulsory to list my event on the Harrow Arts Centre website?

Yes, for all ticketed events held at Elliott Hall, it is compulsory to have your event listed on the Harrow Arts Centre website. This inclusion is a key part of our comprehensive support package, designed to maximise the visibility of your event to our audience and enhance promotional efforts. While direct ticket sales through other platforms are not permitted, you're encouraged to promote your event on various event listing sites. However, it's important that any external promotion directs customers back to the Harrow Arts Centre's website for ticket purchases, using the specific URL provided for your event's page.

How and when will the revenue from ticket sales be settled after my event?

The proceeds from ticket sales for your event at Harrow Arts Centre will only be settled once the balance of the hire fee has been fully cleared. After deducting the 1.4% ticketing commission fee and any other charges related to the event from the gross ticket sales, we'll calculate your final settlement amount.

Payments will be made directly by bank transfer from the Harrow Council accounts team. While processing times can vary, we aim to settle all accounts within 30 days following the completion of your event. This timeline allows us to ensure that all sales are accurately accounted for and any necessary adjustments are made. Our Box Office and accounts team work closely to facilitate a smooth and transparent settlement process, ensuring you receive your funds in a timely manner once all financial obligations are met.

Is public liability insurance required for booking Elliott Hall?

Yes, public liability insurance is mandatory. If you cannot provide proof of your own insurance, a 7% insurance fee of the package rate will be applied to cover Public Liability Insurance through Harrow Arts Centre.

Are there any additional charges for playing copyrighted music?

If you plan to play copyrighted music during your event in Elliott Hall, it's essential to contact PRS (Performing Right Society) in advance to obtain the correct permissions and understand the specific percentage of your event's gross ticket sales that must be paid as royalties. This proactive step ensures compliance with copyright laws and helps avoid unexpected fees.

If you do not contact PRS to ascertain the correct percentage for royalty payments, a default rate of 4.2% of your event's gross ticket sales will be applied. This amount will be deducted from your final show settlement by Harrow Arts Centre. Ensuring that this is managed correctly is crucial for the smooth financial handling of your event and is the obligation of Harrow Art Centre regarding the use of copyrighted music.

What kind of technical support is provided for events in Elliott Hall?

The hire rate for Elliott Hall includes the provision of one technician to assist with your event. This includes support for lighting, sound, and any technical setup required for your performance or function. If your event requires additional technical support, extra technicians are available at a charge of £37.50 + VAT per hour. It is essential for you to discuss your technical needs with our technical team in advance to ensure we provide the appropriate support for a successful event. One of our technical team will contact you within 4 weeks of your event date.

Can I request additional technical equipment for my event?

Absolutely, Elliott Hall is well-equipped to support a wide range of events with its comprehensive technical setup. Should you require additional technical equipment beyond the standard offering, such as specific sound equipment, theatrical lighting, or other technical resources, we encourage you to detail these requirements on your booking form or during discussions with our team. Our technical team is dedicated to working closely with you to meet your needs, subject to availability and potential additional costs. For a detailed understanding of what is already available, you can download the relevant technical specification document here, ensuring you’re well-informed of the hall’s capabilities from the outset

Are dressing rooms included in the hire of Elliott Hall?

Yes, access to 4 dressing rooms is included with your booking of Elliott Hall. Please specify your requirements regarding the number of dressing rooms and their usage times when filling out your booking form to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

What are the food and catering options available for events at Elliott Hall

You can arrange food and catering for your event in Elliott Hall at Harrow Arts Centre, tailored to fit various event types. However, it's important to note that food is only permitted inside the Elliott Hall in the banquet layout, designed to host up to 200 guests in a dining setting. For events or performances utilising layouts other than banquets, and where food will be part of the occasion, an additional space must be booked to accommodate dining needs. This will incur an additional charge, ensuring your guests have a designated area to enjoy the catering without disrupting the event's flow or the venue’s regulations.

If you're planning to use our finishing kitchen facilities, access is available with a flat rate fee of £90, covering cleaning and upkeep. Please remember to submit your caterer’s Public Liability Insurance and Food & Hygiene Certificate at least two weeks prior to your event. While arranging your event's catering aspects, alcohol brought in by hirers is not permitted; however, purchases can be made through Harrow Arts Centre and drinks packages are available upon request. We encourage you to communicate your food and catering requirements clearly when completing your booking form to facilitate the necessary arrangements under Harrow Arts Centre's terms and conditions.

Are there any additional charges I need to consider?

Yes, here’s a more concise overview of the potential additional charges for your event at Harrow Arts Centre:

  1. Overrun Charges: If your event extends beyond the booked time, the normal hourly rate will apply for the additional time used. However, if your event continues past midnight, the hourly rate will then double to accommodate the extended operational requirements and staffing needs. This adjustment ensures transparency in how additional time is billed, helping you plan your event's schedule and budget accordingly.
  2. Public Liability Insurance (PLI): If you lack your own, a 7% charge of the total booking value applies for using the Centre’s PLI.
  3. Extra Room Hire: Additional spaces requested beyond Elliott Hall and dressing rooms incur separate hire fees.
  4. Additional Technical Support: Beyond the included support, extra technical assistance is charged at £37.50 + VAT per hour.
  5. Kitchen Hire: Accessing kitchen facilities costs a flat rate of £90.
What are the regulations regarding alcohol and refreshments for Elliott Hall events?

At Harrow Arts Centre, a strict policy prohibits external alcohol use or sales at events. Instead, attendees can enjoy offerings from the Harrow Arts Centre Backstage Bar, which will automatically open for your event unless specified otherwise. The bar serves a variety of drinks and snacks, starting 1 hour before your event and continuing until the end of any interval. For events without an interval, the bar will close 30 minutes after the performance begins. This setup ensures that your guests have easy access to refreshments throughout the event, aligning seamlessly with the flow of your gathering and adhering to our sale of alcohol guidelines and licence.

Can I sell merchandise during my event?

Yes, you are permitted to sell merchandise during your event, provided you manage the sales directly and staff the merchandise table yourself. It's important to note that all transactions for merchandise sold by hirers are solely the responsibility of the hirer; Harrow Arts Centre will not handle payments or take a commission from these sales. Additionally, Harrow Arts Centre reserves the right to refuse the sale of any merchandise items at any time and without prior warning, ensuring all items sold align with our policies and standards. This policy allows you to offer memorabilia and products related to your event while maintaining a clear understanding of the responsibilities and limitations regarding merchandise sales.

Can I decorate Elliott Hall for my event?

You are welcome to decorate Elliott Hall to suit the theme and ambiance of your event. However, it’s crucial to adhere to our venue policies to ensure the preservation of the space. The use of tape, glue, nails, screws, and pins on the walls or floors is strictly prohibited to prevent any damage to the venue. We encourage the use of freestanding decorations or those that can be safely attached to existing structures without causing harm. If you have specific decoration ideas or plans, we recommend detailing this on your booking form. This will allow us to help you find suitable solutions that meet your vision while protecting the integrity of our venue.