Harrow Culture Forum

The Harrow Culture Forum (HCF) is a collaborative open forum made up of arts and culture organisations, charities and individuals from across Harrow that supports the creation of artistic and cultural opportunities within Harrow.

The HCF's mission is to champion arts and culture in Harrow to empower and uplift frontline communities, stakeholders and promote social wellbeing. Firmly placing Harrow on the cultural map. The HCF is supported by but not associated with Harrow Council.

Meet the current Harrow Culture Forum Members

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The forum is open to any Cultural business, organisation or individuals who wish to join. There are two different ways to get involved with the HCF:

HCF Subscriber

  • Stay informed with frequent email newsletter updates on relevant news and upcoming events in the Borough.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute content for the HCF newsletter by submitting items to the HCF chair and Vice Chair.
  • Join the HCF WhatsApp group, where you can share information and connect with fellow members.
  • Access minutes from all HCF Member Meetings to stay in the loop with discussions and decisions.
  • Receive invitations to attend the HCF summer social for networking and enjoyment.

HCF Member

  • Enjoy all the perks of a Harrow Culture Forum Subscriber.
  • Attend six annual Harrow Culture Forum meetings, with a balanced mix of three in-person and three online sessions.
  • Actively contribute to the operations and activities of the HCF, playing a vital role in its functioning.
  • Represent the HCF and your own organisation/practice at community events, showcasing your involvement and commitment.
  • Collaborate in organising and contributing to the success of the HCF summer social, fostering a sense of community and engagement.